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Roy was thinking of making chili at some point in the nearish future. You know, as a way to properly welcome and horrify the new students. But making chili would require going to the grocery store, and he wasn't really feeling that, so right now he was staying indoors and doing crunches on the floor of his dorm room.

The life of a retired teen sidekick was so exciting. Truly.

And then he turned into--what, what was he, even? He couldn't tell. When he managed to get a look at himself in the mirror he seemed to be...some kind of raccoon? A red raccoon? Did those exist?

One thing was certain: he was too adorable to be legitimately allowed to exist. Dammit, he was supposed to be manly and tough, not...fluffy.

((Open to the roommate, should he wish.))
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Wow is my internet ever down. No clue when it will be back; I spent most of last night making twenty-something calls to tech support, with the call getting dropped every time it attempted to send me to hold, before I ever spoke to anyone, before they finally put up a message saying that they are aware of the problem and trying to fix it please be patient.

I hate being patient.

I'll be back...God knows. It could be resolved by the time I get home, for all I know. Or not. Probably not. Ugh.

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I'm on vacation. Like, right now, as I post this. I have internet access but it's sporadic and unpredictable, and luckily I happened to remember I totally forgot to put up an availability notice before I left while I happened to also have said access. So uh...yeah. You may see me around a bit, but probably not very predictably. People who know who they are are in charge of my responsibilities. I'll be back for reals next Sunday!

Until then, I'm in Sonoma County, California, so I'll drink some wine for y'all.

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When Roy had woken up girl again, he'd known exactly what he had to do: text Dick. Get on Titans vchat. Because Roy totally still had access.

He'd gotten back, I can't, some of us go to normal school.

So Roy had pouted and gone to the shooting range, and to the sex shop to traumatize Karla, and to the frat meeting, and given his girl body as much of a test drive as he could solo, making mental notes for future application to actual girls.

And now, finally, his phone had buzzed with a text message from Dick that he was home and what was going on?, and Roy had scrambled to his laptop, where he was now standing carefully out of webcam range while he waited for Dick to sign on.

"Okay," he said, "are you--you're wearing the mask, aren't you?"

Dick was totally wearing the mask. )

Superheroes: they handle weirdness differently.

((After he gets off the webcam, open door, open post!))
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Roy was trying to work on his online precal assignment and wondering what the point was (seriously, he was never going to use this) when his phone rang. A quick glance revealed that it was a blocked number. It could be a telemarketer, but then it could also be any one of the various people he knew who had good reason to hide their identity, not that he was sure how they would have gotten this phone number. Still, it might be important, so...

In which Dick jokes are refrained from. )

((Closed door, open post.))
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Now that I got your attention with the icon...for my new girl go here. And now for the rest of the gang!

Roy Harper )

Spock )

Jenny Sparks )

Steve Rogers )

Jill/Jack McTeague )

Skank Zero Hopeless-Savage )

Z Delgado )

The Girl Behind The Curtain )

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Roy was having a weird day. It started out with some girl calling him about a coat. He'd returned her call, but then Bobby called about secret identities, and what was wrong with people in this place? Really. He'd called him back, but then Karla decided he needed her help or whatever, and possibly Roy was a little rude in telling her he didn't need or want her help right now. You know. Maybe just a little.

He'd promised Dinah, his Dinah, he'd call her today, but he was in no mood to do so whatsoever. Later, he would realize this had probably been a good thing.

((Establishy, but can be open!))
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Okay, so there's a thing about Roy I feel required to go on about at length so settle in, maybe get some snacks. We may be here a while.

Roy Harper: Remember, kids, drugs are more dangerous than an atom bomb! )

Important note, no really, read this )

A note for the DC people )

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"Hey, you've reached Roy. I'm not able to answer the phone right now, so if you'll leave a message I'll hit you back soon as I can, okay?"

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