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Okay, so there's a thing about Roy I feel required to go on about at length so settle in, maybe get some snacks. We may be here a while.

The Basics
*Is seventeen
*Comes from the DCU
*Is from the publication year of 1971, which is probably around 1999 when you take compression of the timeline into consideration, but you know what? Let's avoid that headache and just say he's from 'the present.'
*Hails from Star City, California. Think San Francisco, only not exactly, because DC has a San Francisco. Um.
*Has red hair and skin that actually does tan instead of freckle, and blue eyes. Although depending on the colorist, they've been green or brown. Sometimes on three different pages of the same book.
*Is more muscular, especially across the shoulders, than Simon Wood, but beggars can't be choosers.
*Kind of a manwhore (HELLO, ladies)
*Hasn't gotten grades worth talking about since about March due to circumstances I'll explain shortly, so he's basically repeating two semesters.
*is a native speaker of English and Diné bizaad.
*Has been orphaned twice and was kicked out by his third father, so
*Has a TON of daddy issues.
*Is a pretty decent fighter, but
*put a bow in his hands and a quiver full of arrows on his back and he can kick your ass, because he is the second-best archer on his planet, and is actually faster on the draw than the best one. HOWEVER
*Currently is not in great shape and looks like he's just getting over a long illness, and
*Has fairly fresh track marks on the inside of both arms. I will explain. If you see him shirtless or in short sleeves (for summer at least I think it's safe to assume he will be wearing short sleeves), you are welcome to see and/or comment on them.

The Backstory
1971 is important to Roy because, well, it's when things went straight to hell. Up until then he was just Green Arrow's kid sidekick. Sure, he had a backstory that was depressing even by DC kid sidekick standards--his single father died in a forest fire when he was a toddler, then the Navajo shaman who adopted him died and left him to Oliver Queen, bilionaire playboy, superhero Green Arrow, and totally fail parent. But still. He dressed in a stupid hat. He shot things. He hung out with the other teen sidekicks and said things like 'groovy.'

And then Ollie went on a road trip with his best friend and his girlfriend, leaving his teenager to fend for himself--because that was a great idea to start with--and when he came back, he found out Roy had gotten himself hooked on heroin.


So, Ollie kicked Roy out, Roy detoxed cold turkey on Ollie's girlfriend Dinah Lance's (same girl, different universe) bathroom floor, and now he's trying to put his life back together and is avoiding about 99% of the people he used to know because he's deeply ashamed of himself. And that's where we are now.

I say again, Roy just quit heroin six weeksish ago. He'd been using for--god only knows, DC isn't really specific, but he managed to burn through his entire trust fund so let's say 'a while.' He ran out of money shortly before the end and did some really stupid things to get a fix, and then the only parent he had left turned his back on him. He's a little fucked in the head. He is still dealing with heroin's withdrawal syndrome, which to most casual observers means he's pretty shaky, weak, pale. He may behave a little oddly, especially with regard to illicit substances. He's not going to make any secret of any of this, but he's trying to move forward so he's not going to bring it up very often, either.

I will do my best to deal with this subject as sensitively and honestly as I can. If you have a problem you can contact me at fireballofz on AIM or e-mail me at screwyoumarvel AT gmail DOT com.

Since Roy's publication year is almost forty years ago, some of y'all don't exist yet! So he's most likely never heard of you, sorry. If you existed in 1971, he knows about you and has probably crossed paths with you at least a few times. Obviously he knows Dinah Lance and is going to be spazzed out about her being teeny, and Dick Grayson is his BFF, so he knows about Bruce Wayne by extension, and is going to be even more spazzed out about that, but is not crazy enough to say anything.

The Arrows are the most fail at secret identities ever, so if you think your character should know who Roy is, I'm fine with that. Roy has just stopped being Speedy, but hasn't started being Arsenal yet.

Questions? Comments? "You left this out"? Damn that's a lot of typing?
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