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Now that I got your attention with the icon...for my new girl go here. And now for the rest of the gang!

Roy Harper
*18 years old
*lives in 503 with [livejournal.com profile] sexonyoursheets
*works at Cabot & Associates
*From the DCU, publication year 1971, so he has no idea who some of you people are.

Three things about Roy. One, he is an excellent archer and damn proud of it, and this kind of bleeds over into his being fail about having a secret identity. Two, he is a total manwhore and will hit on your ladies. Three (this is the big one), he is a recovering heroin addict. He's in a lot better physical and mental shape than he was when he got here in January, but he's still kind of touchy about certain things and a little fucked in the head. I am doing my best to handle this carefully and honestly.

Now that it's warm weather, Roy's wearing short sleeves. If you want to have your character notice the track marks on his inner arms, I'm fine with that, and he'll be honest in explaining how he got them if they ask.

Parents: Mother: never in the picture. Father: dead. Adopted father: dead. Second adopted father: kicked him out. Whee!

*Lives in 512 with [livejournal.com profile] findingelena and her kitten, Rookie
*Works at Stark Industries
*From Star Trek XI (see below)

Half-Vulcan, half-Human, all genius and he knows it, sent to Earth to experience his mother's culture and struggling to be unemotional and perfectly logical among human teenagers, possibly the most emotional and illogical peer group in the galaxy after a roomful of drunk Klingons! He's...starting to loosen up. A little. Maybe a tiny bit. Most of that is thank to Elena. He hates Earth winter as much as a guy trying to be the perfect Vulcan is capable of hating anything, though.

And a note on canonicity, because his is kind of...complicated. Spock is from the new movie, which takes place in an alternate timeline branching off just before Jim Kirk's birth, so here's how this works: I'm paying little to no attention to anything said in a Trekverse novel unless I really like it, little to moderate attention to information from series after TOS and movies that don't have Spock in them, moderate attention to TOS, and high attention to Star Trek XI, AKA Reboot, AKA 2009, AKA NuTrek, AKA I don't even know what else. So if I get a detail wrong, I hereby wave the alternate timeline flag.

Parents: Alive.

Jenny Sparks
*Lives in 401 with [livejournal.com profile] gorka_wolf
*Manages Pixie Dust
*From The Authority

Jenny Sparks was the spirit of the Twentieth Century, shaping world events just by existing, saving the world on a professional basis, drinking, smoking, slutting, and swearing her way across a hundred years. At midnight, December 31, 1999, she died after saving the world one last time, by killing something like God Texas-prison style and completely overloading her electricity powers. Then she woke up in a younger body, found out she was now the relief pitcher for her replacement, Jenny Quantum, and got sent to boarding school since they really didn't get along. She's been here for three years now. Jenny's a cranky hundred-year-old woman in a seventeen-year-old's body, she tends to be bitchy and apathetic, and she has a lot of massive electricity-based powers that kind of boil down to 'she has power over it and is in a sense made of it.'

She also sells designer clothing, and is hiring for a couple of shifts at Pixie Dust. If anyone is interested in a job with the island's least responsible manager, where they get bonuses for having sex in the changing rooms and there's free liquor under the counter, and they get to burn the ugly clothes in a trash can out back, IM or e-mail me (contact info at the bottom of this post).

Parents: Died on the Titanic.

Steve Rogers
*Teaching Arts & Crafts this term
*Lives at MCA #9
*From Marvel comics. Like, half of them. And Timely Comics before that.

When I first played Steve at FH, my concept was that the assassination attempt at the end of Marvel's Civil War failed and certain loyalists led by Nick Fury faked his death and spirited him away to Fandom to recover and hide out. Then I struck down the Superhuman Registration Act that had caused all the trouble, replaced Tony Stark with Natalia Romanova (the Black Widow) as head of SHIELD, and sent him back. He fought the Skrull invasion, had some more fights with Tony over whether or not he was a Skrull, and realized he wasn't ready to do this again. Maybe not ever. Bucky was doing fine at his old job, and he didn't want it right then. So he came back to Fandom. Read: I realized I'd done a silly thing sending him off and got him back. *clings madly to him*

Steve is a supersoldier, at the pinnacle of human physical ability across the board, an excellent strategist, and an artist. He's also possibly the nicest, kindest, most upstanding person you'll ever meet. That's just how he is. He'll stick by what he believes is right no matter what, and he genuinely wants to help people.

...I kind of have a massive crush on my own character, yes, and at this point I'm past having any shame whatsoever about that. Look at him.

Parents: Dead.

Jill/Jack McTeague
*Lives in 417 with [livejournal.com profile] chic_harper for the moment
*Works at Fourth Dimension Fine Art & Antiquities
*From Cycler and (Re)Cycler by Lauren McLaughlin

For four days out of every twenty-eight, Jill McTeague shapeshifts into a guy. His name is Jack. He's not Jill, really, he's a different person. They don't actually like each other that much, and are totally different. Here is a good summary of where they were when they started FH. Since then, Plan B, Jill's self-hypnosis regimen, has failed, and she now remembers some of Jack's part of the cycle. Also, several people know about the whole Jill/Jack deal, though not (oops) Harper, their roommate. They still don't get along very well and are struggling to come to terms with each other and their situation.

What you say to Jack may get back to Jill. What you say to Jill will get back to Jack. Jack and Jill will badmouth each other, and what they say isn't necessarily untrue--it's just that their resentment of their situation leads them to twist things about each other into the most unflattering light possible.

Parents: Alive.

Skank Zero Hopeless-Savage
*Rising senior at Empire State University in the Ultimate Marvel U
*Lives in an apartment in New York with [livejournal.com profile] peter__parker and a leadbeater cockatoo named Fish
*From Hopeless Savages by Oni Press

Zero is the youngest daughter of a pair of punk rock stars, Dirk Hopeless and Nikki Savage. She is living in sin with Peter Parker. She drives a giant teal van named Dave, owns a pink leadbeater cockatoo named Fish that says totally random things in several languages, and makes up wordlings that aren't real enough. In mid-March she handwavily moved to Peter's universe, where she is attempting to reestablish her fledgling film career without the benefit of already being on the Z-list due to her famous parents, pitching in with the rebuilding where she can, and being a cheerful terror to various superhero types.

Parents: Alive. Also a couple of grandmothers, two brothers, a sister, various significant others, and twin niece and nephew.

Z Delgado
*Yellow SPD Power Ranger
*Lives in SPD Headquarters, Newtech City, California
*From Power Rangers: SPD

Z is a former street kid and petty thief with the power to make copies of herself, who was caught and given a choice: jail, or FH, then serving in Space Patrol Delta. She chose FH. A year post-graduation, she and her teammates (including fellow FHer Bridge Carson and Ghost Chan, who we made up) are still fighting off the invasion of Gruumm's forces and trying to save the world of 2025, one day at a time. Z is involved in a relationship with Ghost they're both pretty sure is against regs, so no one tell Sky. Other FHers living in SPD HQ are Xander Carson nee Harris and Jen Scotts.

Parents: Dead.

*Recent library school graduate
*Lives in US Central time zone
*Still looking for a job. D:

So hi, I'm Z, aka Ziho, aka 'hey you.' I'm currently living with my parents while I jobhunt and increasingly contemplate going back to grad school, and they have dialup and one phone line, so I'm mostly available at night, and even then am likely to be kinda slow. Dialup is of the devil, you guys. I don't bite unless otherwise specified! While with all my characters I'll try not to step on anyone's toes, I do play one bitch and one kinda bitchy Vulcan, and if I do something that could be problematic, please, don't hesitate to let me know. OOC communication is awesome. I'm available on AIM at fireballofz and via e-mail at screwyoumarvel AT gmail DOT com. Likes include cats, pie, Johnny Weir, and naps. Dislikes include pollen, joblessness, and insomnia.

Questions? Comments? Sequins?

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Totally wrong account to agree on the NOM of Roy.

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